Builders and Developers


Tom has been working with new home builders and developers since 1994, "building" an outstanding reputation not only in new home sales, marketing and sales management, but also managing and supervising sales consultants and providing training.

Prior to establishing Munro Marketing Systems, Tom was the Sales Manager for North Ridge Development Corporation, Saskatchewan's leading home builder. Recognized on a number of occasions as the Top Sales Person within the City of Saskatoon, Tom has also won sales and marketing awards on the local and National levels through the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders' Association and the Canadian Home Builders Association.

If you are a builder getting ready to build and/or market a new home or perhaps you are a developer designing a multi-family project to bring to the general public, you should know that we've been successfully marketing and selling new homes and developments for over twenty years.

Our approach with each builder and developer is to candidly share our knowledge and experience right from the very beginning of the development process, ensuring a design and product mix that will have strong market appeal and be absorbed quickly.

Our experience has identified that one of the biggest concerns developers and builders have is that they tire of having to deal with so many different people when it comes to putting together their marketing materials and selling their projects.

By utilizing Munro Marketing Systems, you have an opportunity to tap into a “turn-key” resource that will take care of all areas relating to your marketing program, providing you with an opportunity to focus on what you do best, BUILD and DEVELOP!

We are able to offer service packages that may include all or a combination of the following elements:


  • Identify and evaluate potential development/building sites
  • Confirm market conditions
  • Identify competing projects
  • Gather data on product type, pricing, positioning
  • Analyze data
  • Properly position the project
  • Evaluate product configuration and phasing plans


  • Review project plans and provide marketability recommendations including:
    • Floor plan evaluation
    • Product configuration
    • Specifications
    • Community amenities
  • Provide pricing recommendations based on current marketplace


  • Select the sales team members and leader
  • Define marketing budget
  • Create project identity
  • Identify target markets and how to reach them
  • Develop strategies to generate leads and traffic
  • Create media schedule
  • Create a public relations plan
  • Design and produce the project brochure, collateral materials and advertising
  • Create and host a full web presentation customized for the project
  • Network with the local brokerage community
  • Promote to national and international brokers
  • Provide regular reports to Developer on traffic, feedback, and other pertinent data
  • Undertake regular reviews of marketing campaign and adjust campaign to market conditions as needed
  • Provide full-service, professional service from first contact through close.

Please note that in order for us to maximize our time and efforts for our clients; we will only take on a few select projects at any one time.

If you are interested in exploring how we may potentially assist you, we would like to invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

CALL TOM ON HIS CELL AT (250) 714-2147